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2011-07-16 00:09:20 by Shiuk

I am unbelievably tired.... Really Like Tired..... I can't Stand how tired I am because I stay up so late.... ugh... problematic much?

Jack Johnson Rox Ur Sox Betch!

2011-06-23 20:22:27 by Shiuk

Lovin this music boi. Love You Jack Johnson You Own All The Dirty Fuckers that can't stand you. They are not true artists then! You Own! <3 ~Shiuk :)

OMG Cake time! woo!

2011-06-20 00:48:45 by Shiuk

i made a cake today and it rocked

Up A Bit Late...Tired Bored....

2011-06-19 18:09:37 by Shiuk

Just a bit tired..... I've been up late recently just working on some commission's. Guess it's worth it though.
~Yawns~ So how are you? I feel nummy now :T

AnthroCon 2011

2011-06-18 14:03:58 by Shiuk

Mmk Kinda wondering if I should go or not maybe I should but then again I'm figuring it could just be a nuisance and I would hide or cling to someone. If I'm lucky i might get a table.